Humans Need Love was created by Nicole Rodriguez after a period of personal challenges brought to light the alarming lack of compassion one encounters in daily life while managing illness, caregiving, and grief. Using proven methodologies to help instill thoughtful care and kindness into service design, business processes, and technology, Humans Need Love partners with organizations to ensure that what they put out into the world is human-centric and empathy-driven.

Every process comes with an opportunity to positively impact others' lives. As we get to know and understand individuals, and consider their unique needs and challenges before we design, we can and should be intentional about making a moment of their day a little better. It's one way of saying "you are heard and understood, you are validated, you are worthy and loved. And we made this for you."

If you can think of a time or two that you might have needed that level of care in your life, you can relate to the impact that a small, kind gesture can have. Humans need that more than ever today, which is why we're eager to contribute to projects that impact people directly, especially those who rely on technology for their livlihood and well-being, or out of transactional necessity.