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Applying a Compassion Filter to Technology

We love to ask things like How might we...

...form human connections with others?
...solve problems using empathy as a starting point?
...allow others to feel heard, understood, and cared for?
...simplify and humanize transactions?
...challenge assumptions?

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A Work In Progress

Is Humans Need Love a process? A non-profit? An initiative? A collective?

For now, Humans Need Love is a partner to existing organizations that are busy running their day-to-day operations but want to show their users, clients, customers, patients, or employees more love. We help clients revisit the reason they exist, whom they serve, what they stand for, and how they do it. Their needs and challenges are considered alongside the needs and challenges of those who use their tools and receive their services. Because we genuinely care for people as much as you do, we explore what people are thinking, feeling, doing and saying as they interact with your services and/or technology.

Whether you're building something from scratch or facing challenges with your existing product or service, we can help.